Hyundai Accent

Repair and car operation

Hyundai Accent
- 1. The maintenance instruction
   1.1. The general data on the car
   1.2. Keys
   1.3. An immobilizer (anticreeping system of blocking of start of the engine)
   1.4. Anticreeping system
   1.5. Locks of doors
   1.6. A children's safety lock of a back door
   1.7. Forward seats
   1.8. Стеклоподъемники
   1.9. System of the centralised management of locks of doors
   1.10. Safety measures at using seat belts
   1.11. Care of seat belts
   1.12. Fastenings of seat belts of forward seats regulated on height
   1.13. A three-dot seat belt of the driver with the inertial mechanism of blocking
   1.14. A seat belt with fastening in two points (the central seat belt of back sitting)
   1.15. Children's seats
   1.16. Inflatable pillows of safety
   1.17. The panel of devices and контрольно measuring devices
   1.18. The index of level of fuel
   1.19. The index of temperature of a cooling liquid
   1.20. A speedometer
   1.21. Одометр (the counter of the passed way)
   1.22. The counter of daily run
   1.23. A tachometre
   1.24. The combined switch of light of headlights and turn indexes
   1.25. The switch of a cleaner and a windscreen washer
   1.26. A cleaner and a washer of back glass
   1.27. The proof-reader of light of headlights
   1.28. The emergency light alarm system
   1.29. A heater of back glass
   1.30. The switch of forward antifog headlights
   1.31. The switch of back antifog light
   1.32. Electronic clock
   1.33. Прикуриватель
   1.34. A forward ashtray
   1.35. A back ashtray
   1.36. A coaster
   1.37. Sun-protection шторка
   1.38. The hatch
   1.39. A lamp of illumination of salon
   1.40. A ware box
   1.41. External rear-view mirrors
   1.42. A heater of external rear-view mirrors
   1.43. Folding of external rear-view mirrors
   1.44. An internal rear-view mirror
   1.45. A lay brake
   1.46. Folding of backs of seats
   1.47. A back door / a luggage carrier cover
   1.48. Emergency opening of the lock of a cover of a luggage carrier
   1.49. Remote opening of the lock of a back door / of a cover of a luggage carrier
   1.50. Remote opening of a cover of a bulk mouth of a fuel tank
   1.51. Cowl opening
   1.52. A protivosolnechnyj peak
   1.53. Adjustment of height of installation of a steering wheel
   1.54. A sound signal
   1.55. Heating and ventilation system
   1.56. A cleaner of air for the evaporator and the fan
   1.57. A stereosystem
   1.58. The aerial
   1.59. Car driving
   1.60. The ignition lock
   1.61. Start-up of the engine of cars with the carburettor engine
   1.62. A mechanical transmission
   1.63. An automatic transmission
   1.64. Antiblocking system of brakes
   1.65. Economic driving
   1.66. Smooth passage of turns
   1.67. Movement in winter conditions
   1.68. Trailer or car towage
   1.69. The engine is not started
   1.70. If the engine is normally scrolled by a starter, but not started
   1.71. If the engine has decayed during movement
   1.72. Start-up of the engine from the storage battery of other car
   1.73. If the engine has overheated
   1.74. Car towage
   1.75. Emergency towage
   1.76. Prevention of corrosion and periodic leaving
   1.77. Identification number of the car (VIN)
   1.78. Car technical characteristics
+ 2. The engine
+ 3. Greasing system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. The control, toxicity decrease
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Coupling
+ 9. A transmission
+ 10. Axes and power shafts
+ 11. A suspension bracket
+ 12. A steering
+ 13. Brake system
+ 14. A body
+ 15. A central air
+ 16. The electric equipment
+ 17. The appendix
+ 18. Electroschemes


1.60. The ignition lock Engine start

If your car HYONDE is equipped by a mechanical transmission, translate the gear change lever in neutral position and completely squeeze out a coupling pedal.

If your car HYONDE is equipped by an automatic transmission, translate the selector in position "Р" ("Parking").

To start the engine insert a key into the lock of ignition and turn it in position "START" ("Starter"). Release the ignition key at once after engine start. Do not keep the ignition key in position "START" ("Starter") more than 15 with.
The prevention

With a view of safety, the car engine cannot be started if the selector of an automatic transmission is not in position "Р" ("Parking") or "N" ("Neutral transfer") (only for cars with an automatic transmission).

Positions of a key in the ignition switch

Positions of a key in the ignition switch:

1 – LOCK (Blocking);
2 – АСС (the additional equipment);
3 – ON It (is included);
4 – START (Starter)

The prevention

Do not switch off the engine and do not take out a key from the lock of ignition during car movement. It will lead to steering wheel blocking, and the car becomes uncontrollable.

START ("Starter")

Start up the engine ignition key turn in position START. The engine will be turned by a starter, yet do not release a key, which itself will return to position ON. In this position the control lamp of brake system for check of work of a lamp also will light up. If the ignition key hardly turns in position START, it can be caused pressure of a shaft of a steering wheel upon the antijoy ride device lock. For key turn turn a steering wheel to the left-to the right for elimination of pressure upon the lock and turn a key.
The prevention

Do not keep the ignition key in position "SART" ("Starter") more than 15 with.

ON It ("is included")

If the key is in this position, can check up control lamps of the car. Thus, even before engine start-up be convinced that all systems of the car are serviceable. As soon as start up the engine, the ignition key will return back to this position and remains in it during all operating time of the engine.

If the engine does not work for a long time, do not leave a key in position ON because thus there is an unnecessary discharge of the storage battery.

АСС ("the Additional equipment)

At key turn in this position there is a possibility to include separate accessories of the car, for example, radio, screen wipers. The engine is thus switched off.

LOCK ("Blocking")

The steering wheel shaft is locked by the antijoy ride device and the steering wheel cannot turn. So the car is protected from stealing. The key from the ignition switch can be taken out only in this position. At the models equipped with an automatic transmission at this position of a key the lever of switching of modes in position "Р" (parking) is blocked also.

The prevention

To unblock a steering wheel, insert a key into the ignition lock, and, slightly having turned a wheel, simultaneously turn the ignition key.