Hyundai Accent

Repair and car operation

Hyundai Accent
+ 1. The maintenance instruction
+ 2. The engine
+ 3. Greasing system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. The control, toxicity decrease
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Coupling
- 9. A transmission
   + 9.1. A mechanical transmission
   - 9.2. An automatic transmission
      9.2.1. Specifications
      9.2.2. A control lamp of malfunctions (MIL)
      9.2.3. Diagnostic codes of malfunctions
      9.2.4. Reading of codes of malfunctions
      9.2.5. Pressure check трансмиссионной liquids
      9.2.6. Testing of teamwork of an automatic transmission and the engine for the motionless car (stall test)
      9.2.7. Check of level of a liquid in an automatic transmission
      9.2.8. Check of work of the lever of the selector
      9.2.9. Adjustment of the switch of indication of position of the lever of the selector
      9.2.10. Adjustment of the servo-driver of compulsory inclusion of a hill-climbing gear
      9.2.11. Pressure adjustment in a highway
      9.2.12. Replacement of an oil sealing ring of a power shaft
      9.2.13. Replacement of a cable of a drive of a speedometer
      9.2.14. Removal and transmission installation
      9.2.15. Transmission repair
      9.2.16. The selector lever
      9.2.17. Adjustment of a cable of management
      9.2.18. Repair of the lever of the selector
+ 10. Axes and power shafts
+ 11. A suspension bracket
+ 12. A steering
+ 13. Brake system
+ 14. A body
+ 15. A central air
+ 16. The electric equipment
+ 17. The appendix
+ 18. Electroschemes


9.2.7. Check of level of a liquid in an automatic transmission
1. Start the engine before warming up of a transmission to temperature 60~70C.
2. Establish the car on an equal horizontal surface.
3. At the working engine press a pedal of a brake and consistently move the lever of the selector from position N to all positions then establish it in position N, holding the lever in each position no more than 3 with.
4. Before extraction щупа wipe from a dirt area nearby щупа. Get щуп and check up a condition трансмиссионной liquids. Check up colour of a liquid in an automatic transmission. Check up a liquid in an automatic transmission on presence of unusual smells. For definition of change of colour and a liquid smell compare it to a fresh liquid.

5. Check up level of a liquid which should be between labels HOT. If necessary add necessary quantity of a demanded liquid.

Type of a liquid for an automatic transmission: GENUINE DIAMOND ATF SP–II

Low level of a liquid can be at the bottom of many malfunctions as air and a suspension of a liquid gets to a liquid with air becomes compressed that leads to chaotic change of pressure and infringement of work of couplings and tape brakes.

Also the raised level of a liquid leads to that rotating gear wheels of a transmission shake up foam which leads to the same results, as air which has got in трансмиссионную a liquid.